Indo PAK relationships are considered to be the major and most important issue for the development of the subcontinent since independence. After independence (1947) both countries have been before each other in four major and big duals i.e. 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999. Many of the civilians & soldiers died in these wars. But the Indo PAK relation never set calm. There are many reasons behind the hotness between these two countries. Kashmir issue, water issue, Indo china relation, PAK china relation are the most discussed issues. Both countries have tried to solve these issues and many times these issues are discussed on different forums by the both countries. Pakistan has accused India of gross human rights violations in Indian-administered Kashmir. A report by the Human Rights Watch stated two main reasons for the improving human rights condition in the region: First, sincere efforts were made by the new Jammu and Kashmir state government headed by Mufti Muhammad Saeed to investigate cases of human rights abuses in the state and to punish those guilty including Indian soldiers. More than 15 Indian army soldiers were convicted by the Indian government in 2004 for carrying out human rights abuses in the state. Second, the decrease in cross-border infiltration into India by armed insurgents.

Move over the attack on the Indian parliament and Mumbai attacks in 2008 were blamed on Pakistani agencies and Taliban by the Indian government, but later investigations and some government officials of India revealed that the attacks were planned by the Indian officials themselves to create a sort of critical condition between the two countries which were then ready to solve many of the important issues.


Now in the first week of august there is a nonstop shelling across the LOC (Line Of Control) from the Indian check posts which is the violation of the cease fire agreement between the two countries. In return Pakistan summoned India’s deputy ambassador to protest over the clashes in the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir. Now due to these violations both the sides are facing huge pressure to start peace talks otherwise these will end in a nuclear war, which is the most disastrios thing for the whole region